As A Valued Client, Supplier, Or Visitor To Our Website, Crown Frozen Foods Is Committed To Protecting Your Privacy And Protecting Your Personal Data.

Our Halal Promise:

According to Islamic principles, we are committed to upholding the values of respect and compassion toward animals in our slaughterhouses. Our highly trained workers possess the necessary skills to minimize the pain and suffering that animals may experience during the process. We ensure that the entire procedure is conducted humanely and efficiently, prioritizing the well-being of the animals involved.

The following halal principles are applied:

  • Animal Welfare has great importance in Islam. It emphasizes the humane treatment of animals. Before slaughtering, it is crucial to ensure that the animal is well-rested, properly fed, and in good health. Mistreatment, causing unnecessary stress or harm to the animal, is strictly prohibited.
  • The person performing the slaughter must have the intention of carrying out the act in accordance with Islamic teachings. They recite the name of Allah before making the cut, expressing gratitude and seeking His blessings.
  • The method involves swiftly severing the main blood vessels of the throat, windpipe, and jugular veins with a sharp, non-serrated to cause minimal suffering.
  • According to Islamic law, the animal must be fully conscious during the entire process to ensure the blood is drained completely.
  • Adequate blood drainage is critical in halal slaughter. Thorough bleeding is necessary to remove impurities from the meat, as blood is considered non-halal (forbidden). Proper bleeding also helps maintain meat quality and prolongs its shelf life.
  • We as a Halal food supplier, take full responsibility for ensuring that food products, including meat, meet the requirements of the halal policy. We have a deep eye for detail from farm to processing and ensure compliance with the necessary guidelines.

How Do We Acquire Your Data?

We May Acquire Information About You In A Variety Of Ways. These Are Some Of Them:

  •  When You Use Our Website’s Online Inquiry Form
  • If You Give It To Us Over The Phone During A Chat
  • If You Agree To The Usage Of Cookies On Our Website, We May Gather Information About You.

What Information About You Do We Collect?

We May Gather Information Such As Your Name, Telephone Number, Email Address, And Address, Depending On How You Supply Us With Your Information. We May Additionally Gather Additional Information About The Firm For Which You Work And The Amounts Of Kebab Meat Products That You Tell Us You Use In The Event Of Wholesale Inquiries.

If You Are A Client Or Supplier Of Crown Frozen Foods, We Will Additionally Collect Information About Your Commercial Dealings With Us, As Well As Appropriate VAT And Companies House Information (If Applicable)

Your Information’s Safety

We’ve Taken The Necessary Technological And Organisational Precautions To Keep Your Information Safe. We Have Ensured That When We Use Software To Store Your Information, The Software Supplier Has Taken Adequate Precautions To Protect Your Data Against Unauthorised Access, Destruction, Use, Alteration, Or Disclosure.

How We Utilise Your Data And The Legal Grounds For Using It

We Process Your Data If You Are A Client Or A Supplier Because It Is Required To Fulfil Or Enter Into A Contract With You.

With Whom Do We Share Your Information?

We Will Only Share Your Information With Third Parties If It Is Necessary To Complete Our Obligations With You, Or If We Are Forced To Do So By Law Or To Assert Our Legal Rights.

Automated Decision-Making And Profiling

We Don’t Use Any Kind Of Automated Profiling Or Decision-Making Software..

Your Legal Rights

You Have The Right To: – Request A Copy Of The Information We Hold About You And Information About Its Use; – Request That Istanbul Meats Ltd Corrects Or Deletes Your Information, Or Restricts Processing, If You Have Concerns About Its Accuracy, Deletion, Or Fair And Lawful Use; – Object To The Processing Of Your Personal Data; And – Withdraw Consent To The Use Of Your Information. All Of Our Non-Operational Messages Have An Unsubscribe Link That Allows You To Withdraw Your Permission. Receive Your Personal Data In A Portable, Frequently Used, Machine-Readable Format To Another Data Controller.

If You Have Any Questions Or Would Want To Exercise Your Rights And Get Information About The Data We Keep, Please Contact Us

Send Us An Email At:

info@crown-foods.com Or Write To Crown Frozen Foods, Frankfurter Strasse 74, Groß-Gerau, 64521, Germany.When We Get Your Request, We Will Make Every Effort To Respond Within One Month.