Ramzan Mubarak

Simple Ramadan 2024 Frozen Food Ideas

The spirit of Ramadan is often characterized by warmth, family, and the preparation of delicious delicacies. However, the hustle and bustle of daily life can make the sensory feast of the holy month seem more daunting than delightful. For practicing Muslims, observing Ramadan means a rigorous fast from dawn to dusk, with special prayers and […]

Frozen Food Distributor

How to Choose Frozen Food Service Distributors in UK?

The frozen food industry continues to grow, especially in the United Kingdom, where changing lifestyles and dietary habits have propelled consumers to demand high-quality, convenient frozen food items. As a result, the industry is expanding and offering an extensive selection of product categories that satisfy different customer needs, ranging from gourmet and organic options to […]

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Frozen Food in UK

Most Frequently Asked Questions About Frozen Food in UK 

The conservation properties of freezing and the convenience it offers have made frozen food a staple in many modern households. However, with the ever-evolving food industry, Frequently Asked Questions about frozen products’ safety, sustainability, and nutritional value continue to arise. If you’ve ever found yourself pondering over the benefits and drawbacks of stocking your freezer, […]

Food storage guidelines UK

Food storage guidelines UK

Food safety is a critical concern, and the growth of food poisoning bacteria can be highly likely if food is stored above 8°C. As per the legal requirement, keeping fridges below 5°C is mandatory to prevent bacterial growth. However, it is also recommended to maintain the temperature between 1-4°C to ensure optimum safety. For frozen […]

are frozen vegetables healthy

 Are Frozen Vegetables Healthy?

In the realm of convenience and nutrition, frozen vegetables are a staple in many household freezers. Often faced with the question of their healthiness, individuals seeking to maintain a nutritious diet without sacrificing convenience find themselves at the frozen aisle, pondering the choices. The question “Are frozen vegetables healthy?” is more pertinent than ever for […]

what temperature should frozen food be stored

What Temperature should Frozen Food be Stored?

Frozen foods have become a popular choice for people all over the world because of their convenience and longer shelf life. However, it is important to take proper precautions while handling and storing frozen food to ensure its quality and safety. In this blog, we will provide you with detailed information about the ideal temperature […]

10 reasons why ice cream is an all weather treat

10 Reasons Why Ice Cream is an All-Weather Treat

Ice cream is a beloved dessert that has gained immense popularity over time. Initially, people had this mindset that it’s just bond  in summer, but as time passed, new flavors were introduced, and people of all ages became fond of this sweet treat. It is available in various shapes, flavors, sizes, and colors, and its […]

Christmas Food Ideas 2023

Top 15 Christmas Party Food Ideas 2023

Hottest Food Ideas for Christmas 2023 to Blow Your Mind Christmas is an important holiday celebrated around the world. During this time, people engage in various celebrations, such as decorating a Christmas tree, exchanging gifts, and adorning their homes with lights, snowflakes, and pictures of Santa Claus. The holiday season is full of festivities, with […]

Crown food Halal

Is Crown Foods Halal?

Crown Foods is a prominent Frozen food provider of the finest halal frozen food products, offering a diverse range of delicious options made from 100% halal ingredients. The company’s commitment to quality and adherence to halal standards have made it a trusted choice for consumers seeking halal-certified frozen foods in the UK and Germany.  Is […]

Types of crown food frozen samosas

Types of Crown Food Frozen Samosas

Crow Frozen Foods Menu Samosa is a South Asian delicacy that consists of a fried pastry with a savory filling made of spiced potatoes, onions, peas, meat, or chicken. People around the world enjoy this triangular-shaped snack in a variety of flavors. If you are serving it as an appetizer or tea-time snack, you can […]