A Guide to crown frozen food halal menu

A Guide to Crown Frozen Food Halal Menu

Crown Foods, a renowned frozen foods manufacturer in the UK, is committed to providing high-quality halal frozen food products. The brand strictly adheres to the policies of Hlala Foods, ensuring that all of its products are halal and meet the highest standards of quality and hygiene. You can rest assured that when you purchase from Crown Frozen Foods, you are getting only the best. 

Crown Foods offers a wide range of halal frozen food items that can be ordered in bulk. From savory snacks like Seekh Kebab and Samosas to Chicken Burgers and Chicken Nuggets.

With its commitment to quality and customer satisfaction, you can be sure that you’ll be getting the best quality halal frozen food. 

Crow Frozen Foods Menu

Crown Frozen Foods has a dedicated team working on attention to detail. Make sure to use only halal ingredients. You can use from snacks to healthy food whatever you are looking for. 

As Crown Foods  products have gained popularity in the UK among consumers seeking convenient and diverse options that adhere to Islamic dietary laws. Seekh Kebab, Samosas, Snacks, Chicken Burgers, Samosa Chat, Rolls, Ice Cream, and Chicken Nuggets are customers’ favorite products from the extensive menu. 

Here are some of the Crown Frozen Foods Products. 

1. Seekh Kebab

  • Crown Seekh Kebabs are a traditional and flavorful option made from minced meat, spices, and herbs.
  • The convenience of having these kebabs frozen allows for quick and easy preparation, making them a perfect choice for busy households.
  • Whether grilled, baked, or pan-fried, Seekh Kebabs offers a delicious and authentic taste.

2. Samosas

  • Crown Samosas are a beloved snack with a crisp pastry exterior and a savory filling of spiced potatoes, peas, and sometimes meat.
  • Halal frozen samosas provide a time-saving solution for enjoying this classic treat without the need for extensive preparation.
  • They are versatile and can be served as appetizers, snacks, or even as part of a meal.

3. Snacks

  • Our Halal frozen snacks encompass a wide variety, from spring rolls to Bun Kebabs and hot Chicken Wings, providing diverse options to please all eaters.
  •  These snacks are perfect for entertaining guests or a quick bite, ensuring something for everyone.

4. Chicken Burgers

  •  Halal frozen chicken burgers cater to those seeking a convenient and delicious alternative to traditional burgers.
  • The burgers often feature a well-seasoned chicken patty, making them a flavorful choice for a quick and satisfying meal.

5. Samosa Chat

  • Samosa Chat combines the delightful flavors of samosas with the tangy and spicy elements of chaat.
  • This frozen option allows consumers to enjoy the unique taste of Samosa Chat with minimal effort, making it a delightful and easy-to-prepare dish.

6. Rolls

  • Whether they are chicken rolls or vegetable rolls, Crown Frozen Foods rolls offer a convenient way to enjoy a delicious and portable meal.
  • These rolls are often filled with a variety of ingredients and spices, providing a satisfying and flavorful experience.

7. Ice Cream

  •  Halal frozen ice cream ensures that individuals adhering to Islamic dietary guidelines can indulge in this sweet treat.
  • With a variety of flavors available, Crown Frozen Foods ice cream offers a delightful dessert option for those with diverse taste preferences.

8. Vegetables

  •  Halal frozen vegetables provide a convenient solution for incorporating nutritious options into meals.
  •  Whether used as side dishes or as part of a larger recipe, these frozen vegetables retain their freshness and offer versatility in the food.

9. Dough Products

  • Our dough products, such as naan or frozen veggie parathas, are convenient for a quick and healthy breakfast. You can also savor them anytime with traditional chutney, tea, or other favorite sauces. 
  • These frozen dough options can be used to create a range of savory and sweet treats, adding a homemade touch to meals.

10. Chicken Nuggets

  • Halal frozen chicken nuggets are a popular choice for a quick and tasty snack or meal for both kids and adults.
  • The convenience of having these nuggets readily available in the freezer ensures a hassle-free cooking experience.

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Choose Crown Frozen Foods as your cooking partner to live a hassle-free life!

In summary, the availability of halal frozen food products at Crown Frozen Foods, including Seekh Kebab, Samosas, Snacks, Chicken Burgers, Samosa Chat, Rolls, Ice Cream, Vegetables, Dough Products, and Chicken Nuggets, caters to the diverse preferences and busy lifestyles of individuals while adhering to Islamic dietary guidelines.